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Product Efficacy and Safety (Clinical and Non-clinical Studies)

  • The development of a new product is a big challenges and journey with path full of pitfalls.
  • Before the commercialization of any product safety and efficacy are established with the help of test that are usually carried on by an independent laboratory. The study protocol is defined, same is approved by ethics committee, the studies are conducted, results are collected and analysed.
  • These tests also includestability tests, toxicology tests, safety tests, etc
  • The product can be tested on humans via clinical studies or in laboratory as in-vitro
  • These clinical and non-clinical studies aim to prove or to review the product’s effects to determine the performance claims later.
  • These studies are very important from amarketing support point of view (labels, packaging, catalogues, advertisements, companies’ websites and social media).
  • QRServes team provide the best solutions when it comes to performing these studies at a best possible cost.

Product Development and Plant Set Up

We are having industry expert to handle your product development, We have the capacity to build the product from initial concept to manufacture. QRServes offer design solutions for Cosmetics, foods, food supplement.

We have a dedicated team of formulation chemists and laboratory technicians who take great pride in the research and development involved in creating new and innovativeformulae which utilise active ingredients.

We have specialization in developing mainstream cosmetics to specialized cosmetics.We guarantee that all our products are of the very highest quality and function.

We offer one stop solutions for your plant and process setup. Our projects team can cater for full-service production, from sourcing new materials and packaging design, to brand image and labelling. In addition to new product and brand development, our fully-equipped laboratory conducts quality tests like microbiology challenge testing, stability, and safety assessments during the formulation process as standard, and will ensure claims are always legally substantiated.

QRServes regulatory team will collate all data compiled during the development phase into PIP (Product Information Package) files and provide these along with your finished product, ensuring high performance products are supported on the market by regulatory-specific documentation.

Product Endorsement

A product endorsement is a marketing tool which involves a celebrity, a relevant professional or a business giving its approval for the virtue of a product and recommending it to the customers as a good and safe product.

Important product endorsements for specific quality, product safety, Origin, compliance to specific standard etc.

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Halal
  • Carbon footprint
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Clinically proven
  • Green Chemistry
  • GMP certified
  • Ethically sourcing
  • Quality Marks

Outsource – Quality and Regulatory Services

You may be a startup in the manufacturing, trading or quality service, we are here to provide you the full-service quality control team without need of training and hiring.

We undertake the jobs of inspection, testing, market surveillance, vendor audits, process inspection.

We further provide the consultation in improving your quality management system for specific product and process.

Crises Management - Complaints and Recall

We are always ready to help our clients in crises such as quality and process problem, product noncompliance notices, product recall, product failure. We act as your team to bring the solutions to technical and non-technicalproblem.

We also represent your company in case of product recall and product incident to protect brand image.

Quality and Regulatory Compliance Software Solution Tools

QRServes offers complete suite of software solution for regulatory and quality management system. Tools offers great feature of document management system, audits, management review, artwork controls, labeling andregulatory intelligence.

QRServe provide software tools which are flexible, intuitive, user-friendly, ready-to-use, efficient, secured and cloud-hosted, which enables organizations to streamline all their Regulatory activities.

Most important all Software tools can be accessed through smart phone and tablets.

Service Packages

  • For Exporter
  • For Importer and distributor
  • For Manufacturer

Quality And Business Excellence Awards

Quality and Business excellence awards are part of a larger effort by a government to make its country's businesses more competitive in the world economy. The awarding institutions are generally either government departments or ministries or not-for-profit organizations with government ties. In many countries, however, the awarding institutions are consortia of businesses.

Candidate companies compete in award-specific assessments of business quality and excellence criteria. The assessments are annual and firms who wish to be considered for the awards file applications with the organization that conducts the competition in their home country. The most widely-recognized quality awards are the Deming Prize and the EFQM Excellence Award, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

QRServes provide end to end consultation to the organization which wish to participate in any of the quality and business excellence award from identifying award category, implementing Excellence model, drafting award documentation and submitting to Award committee and mock audit .

Retainer Services

  • We product host of the packages for Regulatory Affairs and Quality assurance portfolio of our clients.
  • Special package can be defined basis client’s requirements

Package Basic Silver Gold
Package Code 3 HPM 12 HPM 20 HPM
Service Hours/Month 6 hours 12 hours 20 hours
Included Initial Discussion
Gap analysis
Initial Discussion
Gap analysis
Initial Discussion
Gap analysis
Implementation support
Follow up


QRServes offers training programs to your new joinee to senior member of your team. Training empowers your team member with the specific knowledge and skills they need to improve safety and quality in all areas of your business.

Our educational programs are tailored to fit your exact needs and we offer custom made training program anywhere in GCC via classroom or online.